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European market guarantees free choice of cars in any member country of the European Community.

One of the most important elements within the free distribution is differences in prices among the different member states which makes acquiring a vehicle in another country more attractive and interesting.

This market is spreading now, since new bases of the car market will be fixed in 2002, when the present regulation 1475/95 concerning car distribution will be revised.

The first measures are aimed to accelerate the liberation of the market and most surveys lead to a perspective of an improvement in the present system of distribution.
The leading European company in multibrand-car distribution, guaranteed by more than ten years of experience in the French market of the new vehicle, that has got more than 1,500 clients and more than 15,000 already sold items.

A big centre of distribution is put at the disposal of car professionals: 6,000 square metres divided into a 5,000-square-metre indoor warehouse and 1,000-square-metre offices in a modern industrial area, easy to reach and just 150 kilometres away from the French border.

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